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The BSU,LLC uses evidence-based behavioral assessment models and techniques to help your leadership, sales force, or staff improve their conflict resolution, crisis management, negotiations, mindfulness, stress management, resiliency, and emotional intelligence skills. The BSU, LLC uses scientific processes to unlock the secrets to human motivations, sway, influence, and relationship equilibrium.

Behavioral Assessment-based approachs...

The BSU, LLC uses evidence-based techniques and processes developed at the FBI's famed Behavioral Science Unit and Crisis Management Unit to improve behavioral intelligence and improve sway, influence, and decision making.  Learn the elicitation (pre-suasion), solicitation (persuasion), and consummation (post-suasion) processes to improve your marketing, sales, and customer relation skills, respectively. Improve your company's business continuity plan and test your disaster recovery processes through an evidence-based business impact analysis.

Why the BSU,LLC? To create sucess!

The difference between the BSU, LLC and the other behavioral assessment firms is our experience as researchers, trainers, and OPERATORS. We don't just give you an opinion we train you to improve your soft skills. 


There is no shortage of companies claiming to be experts in behavioral analysis and research. All of them have their own proprietary models and can give you statistics. Most will give you their opinion, but with little analysis. The BSU,LLC's processes are evidence-based and field tested. 


With the BSU, LLC you are working with professionals who value confidentiality, understand relationships, embrace science, and are partners in our client's success. 


Call the BSU,LLC at 703 401-7260 to schedule training or consultations 

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